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  TeleTrax Library Vol Length Title Keywords / Description  
13501 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 3rd And Long Sports, Powerful, Forceful, Competitive, Aggressive Powerful, energetic, driving
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13502 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Rugby Rock Sports, Rock, Powerful, Aggressive, Guitar Strong, Medium Hard, edged, live guitar lead
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13503 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Slam Dunk Sports, Hip Hop, Dance, Urban, Aggressive Bouncy, Up-beat, R&B, Contemporary
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13504 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Speedway Sports, Powerful, Pulse, Action, Piano Fast, Pulsing, Dramatic, sports
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13505 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Down Hill Sports, Positive, Light Rock, Competitive, Forward Progress Up tempo, Positive, Medium- light beat
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13506 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Ice Dancing Sports, Uplifting, Driving, Motion, Positive Uplifting, Majestic, Light with Motion, positive
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13507 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Sat. Night Wrestling Sports, Jazz Rock, Rock, Competitive, Confident Contemporary, Jazz rock, sports
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13508 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Marathon Man Powerful, Driving, Pulse, Uplifting, Sports Solid pulse, Bright, Uplifting
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13509 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 In Training Technology, Build, Action, Sports, Competitive Electronic, Building, Active
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13510 MAX TRAX 1 5:00 Rowing River Driving, Motion, Aggressive, Action, Sports Light, easy, Shuffle, sports
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13511 MAX TRAX 1 5:50 Aerobic 1 Exercise, Positive, Motion, Action, Aerobic Shuffle, Bounce, Med-Up Tempo, positive
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13512 MAX TRAX 1 6:06 Aerobic 2 Exercise, Dance, Aerobic, Piano, Bouncy Med. Tempo, Easy feeling, excercise
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